Year 11 Summer Show 2016

The graduating art students of St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School

Saturday 18th June 2016 – Saturday 9th July 2016

Private View – Thursday 16th June, 5-8pm

To celebrate the graduation of the GCSE art students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, the SE9 Container Gallery presents ‘The 2016 Year 11 Summer Show’.
With work collated from a range of projects and artistic experimentation, the exhibition showcases a diverse selection of skill and techniques from 33 young artists. Every art student from Year 11 at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School is represented in the exhibition; giving them an important opportunity to display their work to the general public at a young age, and understand a little more about what it takes to create, plan, and carry out engaging art shows.


Year 11 Summer Show poster (A3) jpeg

The students’ projects as a whole have been motivated and driven by their own personal experiences and knowledge of the world at a relatively young age. As artists, our creative development is strongly influenced by our peers; working in tight knit groups over a period of 2 years has allowed the GCSE students to reflect, improve, and learn from each other in order to progress with their expertise and understanding of art.
We wish all the leaving students success and fulfilment in their future artistic endeavours, and hope that their time studying the practice of fine art at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School can be an early step in a lifelong pursuit of the creative arts, in either a professional or recreational environment.
We hope you can make it to the Private View, and look forward to welcoming you at the gallery.

Nathan Eastwood

Laptop and Chips

16th April 2016 – 28th May 2016

Private View – Thursday 21st April, 5-8pm

pic for website

The SE9 Container Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of emerging British artist and winner of the East London Painting Prize 2014, Nathan Eastwood.

His series of paintings are based on photos taken with a smart phone and meticulously made using enamel paint on board. This painting practice started in 2011 after a period of time spent thinking about his potential development as an artist. Eastwood selected a simple photographic picture of his staircase in his house and made a painting based on this motif. Since then he has produced many paintings with the same intentions.

Recently, Eastwood has reintroduced colour back into his paintings; representational of the artist’s interests in social content rather than formalist conclusions.

“My painting practice has become specifically allegorical of day to day existence. My previous paintings I suppose were minimal and maintained a link between the monochromatic grey scale, monochromatic and social derived content; but now the paintings are moving away into colour allowing the social content to take priority; this is where my focus should be. Now my paintings are allegorical of everyday life.”

Eastwood occupies a special place in the art world that believes painting still has the power to reflect ones social relations and the proletariat. This proposition corresponds clearly to Eastwood’s interests in the works of writers such as Allan Bennett, Robert Tressell, and Alan Sillitoe.

The paintings featured in Laptop and Chips are mostly small scale works, made on a table in the artist’s kitchen. Eastwood works into the early hours of the morning whilst listening to music or with the TV on. The motifs are painted with an obsessive, brooding intensity with a melancholic atmosphere; he often paints solitarily. Emphasis has been placed on making art within the domestic space, allowing the integration of real life into his paintings.

Eastwood does not think of his paintings as realist but painted constructs functioning as fictional dialogues like a monologue between painted content and observer. In contrast with photographs, which act as mechanisms to reveal the truth to reality, Eastwood views the paintings as subjective constructs. Where photos are used as a truth procedure, the paintings can be viewed as open ended.



Only two more Saturdays left to see our new exhibition is ‘Continuous Lines in the Sand’ by our Artist in Residence Emlyn Stevens. The exhibition will finish on Saturday 19th March. 





Thanks to all who attended the Private Viewing of our new student exhibition ‘Influences’.

There’s still time to see the exhibition if you haven’t already. Its here until Saturday 13th February 2016!




‘Influences’ – An exhibition from the Year 11 students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School

Saturday 6th February 2016 – Saturday 13th February 2016

A year ago, to coincide with the opening of the SE9 Container Gallery, we hosted the ‘Outlaws’ exhibition by the artist Robert Priseman. The exhibition consisted of 35 pencil-drawn portraits of women who had been executed in the USA. The portraits were hung and presented with a brief biography of the subject, giving the viewer an explanation of why the individual had been executed.

As part of the STM Year 11 students’ Identity project, Robert Priseman gave a talk and carried out a workshop giving a rare insight into the unique drawing techniques he uses.

Presented in the ‘Influences’ exhibition are the students’ take on Robert Priseman’s work. As part of their Identity project, the artists have chosen to do portraits of people who have influenced them throughout their lives. The exhibition has been presented in the same manor as Priseman’s ‘Outlaws’ in order to display the direct correlation between the two.

Emlyn Stevens at The Bob Hope Theatre

During the Eltham Arts Winter Festival (31st Oct – 22nd Nov 2015), our very own Artist in Residence, Emlyn Stevens, will be exhibiting some new prints he has produced as a collaboration with the theatre’s archives exhibition. Some of the archives date back to the ’50s, and Emlyn’s prints have been designed to act as a contemporary comment on the classic illustrations. You can view the work at The Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, Eltham, London, SE9 5TG.

‘An Introduction to Mixed Media Mosaics’ – A workshop with Illustration and Mosaics Artist, Aliyah Gator – 14th November 2015

Aliyah Gater will be hosting a Saturday workshop to coincide with her upcoming exhibition at SE9 Container Gallery. Gater’s eagerly anticipated exhibition will be running alongside Eltham Arts Trail, and after viewing the exhibition you now have the opportunity to take part in a workshop with the artist!

Booking Essential: Call 020 8850 6700 Extension 252

Places on the course cost £30 and are limited to 12 people so don’t miss out!

‘Stations of the Cross’ Private View tonight 5.30pm-8.30pm – all are welcome!

‘An Introduction to Mixed Media Mosaics’ – A workshop with Illustration and Mosaics Artist, Aliyah Gator

Aliyah Gater will be hosting a Saturday workshop to coincide with her upcoming exhibition at SE9 Container Gallery. Gater’s eagerly anticipated exhibition will be running alongside Eltham Arts Trail, and after viewing the exhibition you now have the opportunity to take part in a workshop with the artist!

The workshop will be taking place on 14th November between 12pm-3pm. Places on the workshop cost £30 and will be limited to 12 people.

Keep an eye out for more information on the workshop and exhibition over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime you can see some of Aliyah’s fantastic work on her website:

Stations of the Cross – Group Show

Saturday 12th September – Saturday 24th October

Private View: Thursday 17th September 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Artists Include: David Ainley, Freya Purdu, Linda Ingham, Gideon Pain, Andrew Crane, Matthew Krishanu, Pen Dalton, Susie Hamilton, David Sullivan, Ruth Philo, Robert Priseman, Marguerite Horner, Susan Gunn, Alex Hanna, Simon Carter.

The SE9 Container Gallery and St Thomas More Catholic School are proud to present the opening of a new exhibition beginning on 12th September 2015 –

Stations of the Cross: Fifteen Stations of the Cross by fifteen contemporary painters

This unique exhibition was first shown at Brentwood Cathedral from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday 2015. A group show featuring 15 talented British painters; artists who are critically respected and have exhibited pieces in both major public and private collections.

Each artist was given the title of a different Station together with an identical blank twelve inch square aluminium panel. The artists were completely free to respond to their allocated subject in whatever way they chose.

The artists who created the ‘Stations of the Cross’ artworks have approached this challenge with the same creative openness and intellectual rigour which they would have applied to any other subject; and this project has shown not only that art and faith can find creative ways to talk to one another, but that they have a real moral imperative to do so.

Please join us for the private viewing of ‘Stations of the Cross’ on the evening of Thursday 17th September. Otherwise, don’t miss out on viewing the exhibition which ends on Saturday 24th October 2015.

Emlyn Stevens has been appointed as our new Artist in Residence for the 2015/2016 academic year. His residency will be based at the SE9 Container Gallery at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in Eltham.

Stevens’ current practice involves a combination of abstract collage and illustration with silkscreen printing. He will be taking charge of the SE9 Container Gallery over the next year, organising some exciting exhibitions and workshops for students as well as the wider community. Watch out for a solo exhibition from Emlyn later in the year.

You’ll find examples of some of Stevens’ recent work below:

estevens5                  estevens3

estevens2           estevens1

Last chance to see the Year 11 Summer Show on Saturday 11th July

Grand Opening

We had the privilege of being officially opened on Tuesday November 18th 2014 by portrait artist Kelvin Okafor. Many of Eltham’s creative community came to support the new gallery located in the grounds of St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School. Earlier in the day Kelvin gave a master class to Year 10 and 11 students in how to draw in a photorealist style and signed copies of his latest book for the students.


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