We have a series of exciting shows coming up in the next academic year
so take a look at the work of our future exhibitors.

23rd Sept – 28th Oct 2017

The SE9 Container Gallery will close for the summer holidays and reopen on Saturday 23rd September with a new exhibition titled Sacred Spaces. Curated by Rosie Jenkins this group show will display a collection of work by Hanna Ten Doornkaat, Rachel Pearcey and Annamarie Dzendrowskyi.

‘For many artists, the ‘creative zone’ is akin to the idea of a place set apart and, in this sense, could be viewed as a holy space… a place of playful exploration.’ Sacred Spaces will explore the idea of an enlightening space and include installation work using both the floor and walls of the gallery.
oldwork 1

11th Nov – 16th Dec 2017

The SE9 Container Gallery will be proud to present a solo show by artist Tamsin Corrigan who cleverly combines chemistry and art. No colour or patterns are applied to her pieces directly; they are actually a result of carefully timed chemical reactions with materials such as metal and wood. Through her own printing process using rust Tamsin creates vivid colours and textures. To see more of her work and the process of making check out Tamsin’s blog.

13th Jan – 17th Feb 2018

A solo show by Sam Creasey will explore our relationship with technology. The talented painter gains inspiration from internet culture and uses unnatural colours to highlight the glow of digital screens. Browse Sam’s impressive online gallery of work here: Sam Creasey

The SE9 Container Gallery will also be involved in the Wall Project organised by Eltham Arts. This vast and exciting community project will include music, theatre, poetry, film and art so find out how you can get involved: The Wall Project


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