Introducing our new Artist in Residence: Luisa Crosbie

Our newly appointed Artist in Residence is Luisa Crosbie, an Illustrator and Maker from South East London. Luisa’s residency within the SE9 Container Gallery commenced in September and will continue throughout the 2018/2019 academic year.

Luisa works as a freelance Illustrator, Prop maker and Animator, whilst maintaining her own personal practice alongside. Her work displays a strong emphasis on detail and form, a result of her perpetual desire for achieving accuracy as a draftsperson. Luisa will be presenting her first solo exhibition within the SE9 Container Gallery in May 2019.

To view more of Luisa’s work please visit:

Or follow her on Instagram:


This year`s G.C.S.E. Artwork will be exhibited in the S.E.9 Container Gallery from June and displayed until mid-July 2018!

COMING SOON - G.C.S.E. Art Exhibition - June 2018.jpg


Kikis curated “The Arts Trio” March 2018 Exhibition.

The Arts Trio - S.E.9 Container Gallery 22nd March 2018.jpg

The newly appointed Artist in Residence, at the SE9 Container Gallery at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, is Kikis Leventis.

Kikis is a Painter, and a Sculptor, and will be focussing on various Drawing, Painting and Three Dimensional Projects during his 2017-2018 Residency.









Our newly appointed Artist in Residence is Maria Sams, an animator and paper-cut artist. Her residency, lasting the 2016/2017 academic year, is located at the SE9 Container Gallery at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School.

Maria’s work focuses on playful narratives and intricate visual details. She has received the Best Animation award at the National Student Film Festival and will be having her first solo exhibition in the SE9 Container Gallery next year.

Click here for more examples of her work



estevens5                  estevens3

estevens2           estevens1

Emlyn Stevens has been appointed as our new Artist in Residence for the 2015/2016 academic year. His residency will be based at the SE9 Container Gallery at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in Eltham.

Stevens’ current practice involves a combination of abstract collage and illustration with silkscreen printing. He will be taking charge of the SE9 Container Gallery over the next year, organising some exciting exhibitions and workshops for students as well as the wider community. Watch out for a solo exhibition from Emlyn later in the year.



Terri Hawkins has been appointed the inaugural Artist in Residence at The SE9 Container Gallery based at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School in Eltham.

As part of her residency, Hawkins has researched and archived the school’s 50 year history which is currently being celebrated though her exhibition 50.  Many images have been chosen from the school’s rich history and covers all eras.  The main focus of the exhibition are three cut-outs of group photos which have been reliving their glory days in a journey around the school.  This journey has been documented on film with the cut-outs going through the motions and the pace of a school day. The installations are constructed and displayed in a playful manner, oscillating between two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes. 14. Display Board Drawing

Cut-outs are often present in Hawkins’ installations.  By highlighting particular objects and characters in this way, the focal point is shifted to a form that can visually make something stand alone from the rest. The prop like stance of the cut-outs helps push the performative nature of Hawkins’ practice. The artist’s presence in the film allows the audience to see the connection that every decision made is through the act of experimentation and the relationship to the materials chosen to play a part in the work.

Click here to see more of Hawkin’s professional practice: 

13. Castles Become Homes4. Display Boards

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