Steve Marriott presents ‘Dark Discoveries’: January – February 2019

Dark Discoveries is an exhibition of paintings by Steve Marriott that incorporate scenes and images from some of the movies within the horror and science fiction genre that have had a personal and profound resonance in his consciousness. In most instances he appropriates periphery details and establishing shots, as well as the more melodramatic imagery, rendering them detached from their context, yet retaining the atmosphere and mood of the original source.

He uses these moments to express underlying themes and emotions that emerge from the visual language inherent within the genre, such as loneliness, alienation, sadness and sometimes even hope, filtered through the context of the sublime and the irreal.

The artist graduated from The University of East London with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art in 2016 and has since exhibited in London, Russia, USA, Greece and Berlin. His work has been sold in the UK and internationally.

Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from January 12th – February 9th 2019

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday January 10th 2019


Yulia Taylor presents ‘Memories and Colour’: November – December 2018

SE9 Container Gallery presents Yulia Taylor’s exhibition: ‘Memories and Colour’

A painting is more than an image on canvas, more than a record of the past or a depiction of a fantasy world. Paintings are formed from the artist’s emotions and memories, translated into an image through colour. Through the process of painting in colour, we can express those feelings onto the canvas for all to see.
In her debut exhibition ‘Memories and Colour’, Yulia explores what colour means to both artist and audience. Please join us to indulge in Yulia’s world of paint and question what each piece of work and each stoke of colour means to us.

Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from November 3rd – December 8th 2018

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday November 8th 2018


Yulia will also be running one-off Masterclasses each Saturday which have limited spaces, so please email and book in advance to avoid disappointment!


10th November: The Autumn Still Life with Pumpkin

17th November: The Autumn Park Landscape

24th November: The Moody Fish

1st December: Flowers in the Vase

Poster 1 - Main Single Sided


Eltham Arts presents ‘WALL’: September-October 2018

Our current exhibition at the SE9 Container Gallery explores the ambitious and unbounded theme ‘Wall’. Eltham Arts has created and accumulated the work over a period of 18 months, through workshops within the community.

The Wall Project is an opportunity for members of our Eltham community to think creatively and imaginatively. It is a theme which allows everyone, whatever their artistic ability, age or background to respond personally, through various art forms, to create unique and thoughtful pieces. The exhibition contains work from people of all ages, ranging from primary school children to pensioners. With interwoven themes of identity and sociality, the exhibition represents an expression of our community and what it means to be part of it.

Open Saturdays from 11am-3pm: 22nd September- 13th October



Wall Project – Eltham Arts – A New and Exciting Exhibition Coming Soon in September to the S.E.9 Container Gallery.

WALL An innovative new community project for 2017 and 2018 !

Wall Project - Eltham Arts - Exhibition Coming Soon to S.E.9 Container Gallery..jpg

SE9 Container Gallery G.C.S.E Exhibition – 2018  June – July

GCSE Private View and Exhibition 2018, Thursday 21st June, 5.30—8pm

Exhibition on 21.06.18—14.07.18

SE9 Container Gallery, St.Thomas More RC Comprehensive School, Footscray Road,, S.E.9 2SU.

GCSE Exhibition Poster  --.jpg


 COMING SOON – G.C.S.E. Art Exhibition 2018!!!

COMING SOON - G.C.S.E. Art Exhibition - June 2018.jpg

Coming up in March 2018.

The Arts Trio - Exhibition - 22nd March 2018.jpg

“The Arts Trio” – New Art Exhibition at SE9 Container Gallery

“The Arts Trio” Exhibition – Opening and Closing Dates

Private View – 22nd March 2018 – 5.30pm-8pm

Open Saturday 24th March 2018 – 11am-3pm

CLosed from Sunday 25th March 2018 – Friday 20th April

Re-opens Saturday 21st April 2018 – 11am-3pm

Open every Saturday from 21st April 2018 (11am-3pm) until closing date of Saturday 26th May


Sam Creasey - Millennial Fever Poster - SE9 Container Gallery, Eltham..jpg

Sam Creasey – “Millennial Fever” Exhibition –
SE9 Container Gallery.
Private View 18th January 2018 – 5.30pm-8pm.
January 13th – February 17th.
Gallery Open Saturdays 11am-3pm
St Thomas More RC Comprehensive,
Footscray Road, Eltham, London SE9 2SU.




Tamsin Corrigan

“Rust and Bone”

Private View 30th November – 5pm – 8pm

Exhibition on until 16th December 2017


New Exhibition now on – Open Saturdays from 11am – 3pm –

“Rust and Bone” Art Exhibition Video. SE9 Container Gallery. Artwork by Tamsin Corrigan. 11th November – 16th December 2017

New Exhibition begins on the 23rd of September 2017.

“Sacred Spaces” by WhiteNoise Projects.

Sacred Spaces Exhibition.jpg


We have a series of exciting shows coming up in the next academic year
so take a look at the work of our future exhibitors.

23rd Sept – 28th Oct 2017

The SE9 Container Gallery will close for the summer holidays and reopen on Saturday 23rd September with a new exhibition titled Sacred Spaces. Curated by Rosie Jenkins this group show will display a collection of work by Hanna Ten Doornkaat, Rachel Pearcey and Annamarie Dzendrowskyi.

‘For many artists, the ‘creative zone’ is akin to the idea of a place set apart and, in this sense, could be viewed as a holy space… a place of playful exploration.’ Sacred Spaces will explore the idea of an enlightening space and include installation work using both the floor and walls of the gallery.
oldwork 1

11th Nov – 16th Dec 2017

The SE9 Container Gallery will be proud to present a solo show by artist Tamsin Corrigan who cleverly combines chemistry and art. No colour or patterns are applied to her pieces directly; they are actually a result of carefully timed chemical reactions with materials such as metal and wood. Through her own printing process using rust Tamsin creates vivid colours and textures. To see more of her work and the process of making check out Tamsin’s blog.

13th Jan – 17th Feb 2018

A solo show by Sam Creasey will explore our relationship with technology. The talented painter gains inspiration from internet culture and uses unnatural colours to highlight the glow of digital screens. Browse Sam’s impressive online gallery of work here: Sam Creasey

The SE9 Container Gallery will also be involved in the Wall Project organised by Eltham Arts. This vast and exciting community project will include music, theatre, poetry, film and art so find out how you can get involved: The Wall Project

Animation Workshops

To coincide with the exhibition Shadow Play students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School have taken part in animation workshops led by our Artist in Residence Maria Sams. Throughout the spring and summer terms students have developed skills in paper-cutting and stop motion animation to create several exciting short animations.

These films are made using paper cut-outs placed on an overhead projector. The projections and shadows created by the paper are photographed by a camera that is placed behind the overhead projector. By moving the cut-outs very slightly before taking each photograph the paper appears to move by itself, creating an animation. Working in small teams the pupils planned short stories, created scenes from paper and learnt to animate their creations.

Summer Shop – open until Saturday 15th July

Come and visit our summer shop in The SE9 Container Gallery! To celebrate the work of Year 11 art students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School we are making prints, flyers and badges with images of their artwork. Collect your favourites at the Year 11 Summer Exhibition open every Saturday from 11-3pm until Saturday 15th July!

Private View – Thursday 22nd June 5-8pm

Join us for our last private view of the academic year revealing the Year 11 Summer Exhibition! All are welcome at this free event featuring the work of all graduating Year 11 Art students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School.

Included in the exhibition are many of the students’ final pieces from both exam and coursework projects as well as their preparatory drawings. This gives great insight for younger students considering Art as a GCSE subject. We wish all the leaving students success and fulfilment in their future artistic endeavours and hope you enjoy the exhibition.

year 11 exhibition poster

Year 11 Summer Exhibition – Group Show

Saturday 17th June – Saturday 15th July 2017

Private View – Thursday 22nd June 5-8pm

The Year 11 Summer Exhibition will feature artwork from all of the talented Year 11 Art students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School. The exhibition will display highlights from their two years studying GCSE Art reflecting a wide range of techniques including painting, drawing, sculpture and film.

Throughout the course students have gained inspiration from a vast selection of artists, artistic movements and cultural themes. The subjects of their work range from surrealist landscapes to celebrity culture and even moving personal projects.

All are welcome to celebrate their hard work at our private view on Thursday 22nd June from 5-8pm.

James Faure Walker, Artist, Paintings

Precision of Thought – Group Show

Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 27th May 2017


Animation Screening

Saturday 18th March 2-3pm

Free Entry

The SE9 Container Gallery is delighted to host a screening of eight short animated films. The event will showcase the work of talented animators and directors in order to inspire and inform visitors about independent animation. The screening will take place in the SE9 Container Gallery on Saturday 18th March from 2-3pm amongst the exhibition Shadow Play. The films will be introduced by Maria Sams, our Artist in Residence and current exhibitor.

This animation screening will feature the work of award-winning animators and exciting emerging talent.  All are welcome for this free event!

Screening Programme:

Going West – Andersen M Studio                                                                             Commissioned by Colenso BBDO for the New Zealand Books Council, this award-winning stop frame animation brings to life Maurice Gee’s classic New Zealand novel Going West.

We Got Time – David Wilson                                                                                         This mesmerizing music video for Moray McLaren features an animation device from early cinema: the praxinoscope.

White out – Jeffrey Scher                                                                                                   Composed of approximately 2,250 watercolour paintings on paper, this beautiful film depicts a collection of wintry scenes.

New Friends/ Mood Swings – Steph Hope                                                                 Filled with humour and colour, these two short films portray characters in awkward situations. Made from a series of hand drawn images, Steph Hope combines traditional techniques with modern style.

Bubbles – Maria Sams                                                                                                     Made using an overhead projector and paper cut-outs, this innovative animation tells the story of a lonely scientist and her childhood toy.

Next of Kin – Gemma Yin Taylor and Connor Gilhooly                                               This tactile stop-motion music video for Canadian band Alvvays, combines paint and collage techniques to repurpose found imagery.

Bye Bye Dandelion – Isabel Garret                                                                               Winner of the Best Animation award at ScreenTest’s: National Student Film Festival (2015), this short film uses a mixture of handmade puppetry and CGI animation to reveal a heart-warming narrative about friendship.

Success – Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee                                                                        A thought provoking animation about the nature of success, created for The School of Life and based on a short piece of writing by Alain de Botton.

Maria Sams – Shadow Play

Saturday 25th February – Saturday 1st April 2017

Private View – Thursday 2nd March 5-8pmfinal-spThe SE9 Container Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by our Artist in Residence Maria Sams. Shadow Play exhibits a series of  paper-cuts and animation inspired by the theme of light and shadow. Maria will be screening her latest animation work as well as revealing the process behind her techniques through a collection of photographs, original drawings, sketchbooks and a mechanical animated flip-book.

During her BA in Illustration Maria specialised in making her drawings and paper-cuts move, telling playful narratives with intricate visual details. She has since been awarded Best Animation at the National Student Film Festival and became our Artist in Residence from September 2016.


Artist’s Talk with Andy Jackson – InsrtSHUTTER (Datum and Insrts)

Saturday 12th November – 2pm – Free Entry

insrt_obstrct-detailDetail, Insrt_Obstrct 2015, acrylic on canvas, 214 x 115cm

We are excited to announce that the SE9 Container Gallery will be hosting a talk with Andy Jackson and fellow artist Danny Rolph. Jackson will be discussing his artwork as well as ideas and influences behind the exhibition. Below is a short interview with the artist providing a sneak peak into some of the subjects that will be covered during the talk.

What are your main influences and inspirations?


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