This is a list of current and recent SE9 Container Gallery exhibitions and events.
Please visit our Archive for information about previous exhibitions.


A Retrospective of this Year at SE9 Container Gallery

This year we have seen an incredible array of talent displayed on the walls of our container gallery.

 From Year 7 students entering their first year at STM, to professional working artists from in and around London, we have exhibited work from a huge variety of people.

Many thanks to all of you have a come along to Private Views and open days at the SE9 Container Gallery and contributed to making each exhibition such a success!



Eltham Arts ‘Wall’

September – October 2018



Yulia Taylor ‘Memories and Colour’

November – December 2018




Steve Marriott ‘Dark Discoveries’

January – February 2019



Students of STM ‘Spring Term Student Showcase’

March 2019



Luisa Crosbie ‘Solo Exhibition’

April – May 2019



Year 11 Students ‘GCSE Art Exhibition 2019′

June – July 2019



We are looking forward to what the next year at SE9 Container Gallery holds. Watch this space and follow us on Instagram @se9containergallery to get regular updates about current and future exhibitions!


GCSE ART EXHIBITION 2019: 29th June – 13th July 2019

The next exhibition at The SE9 Container Gallery will see our Year 11 students celebrated as we showcase the incredible work created by them for their Art GCSE.

The exhibition will include pieces created throughout the students final two years at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive.

Compiled of paintings, drawings, stencil cuttings, lino prints and sculptures, the variety is outstanding and inspiring. Please come along to celebrate and support the work of St Thomas More’s very talented GCSE students.


Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from 29th June – 13th July 2019

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday 27th June 2019




Luisa Crosbie’s First Solo Exhibition: 27th April – 18th May 2019


Rays (2019) Paper-cutting into mount board 


Our forthcoming exhibition at the SE9 Container Gallery will see our current Artist in Residence exhibit her recent works in her very first solo exhibition.

Luisa Crosbie studied Illustration and Animation at Kingston University, pursuing both of these alongside Prop Making after she graduated in 2014. This multi-disciplined career path has resulted in a body of work which varies vastly in media, whilst remaining consistent in style.

Her work is influenced exclusively by humans and animals. She often produces reportage drawings of people, documenting live and on-site, in order to capture moments and atmospheres which could not otherwise be captured from photographic references. She also produces longer, more detailed and accurate studies of both living and dead animals, often drawing them multiple times in an attempt to improve their accuracy and gain a better understanding of them.

Her first solo exhibition will be compiled of recent works from all her disciplines: from drawing and painting to animating and sculpting.


Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from 27th April – 18th May 2019

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday 2nd May 2019


Snap! (2017) Nib pen and ink on cartridge paper


Many Hands Make Light Work (2018) Upcycled bottle lamp sculpture



Spring Term Student Showcase: 9th – 30th March 2019


The next exhibition to be held at The SE9 Container Gallery will see the students of St Thomas More celebrated, as we compile a series of the most interesting and inspiring art pieces from the year so far.
The exhibition will include works created in classes, clubs and workshops and will also exhibit the winners and runners up from our in-school competition. We are very excited to be exhibiting work from all ages of students from years 7-11, showcasing a variety of media, styles and subject matter. We hope to inspire the students by creating a new platform for them to view and respond to their own artwork on, as well as that of their peers.

Please join us to celebrate and support the work of St Thomas More students.


Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from 9th March – 30th March 2019

Private View 3.45-7.30pm on Thursday March 21st 2019




Steve Marriott presents ‘Dark Discoveries’: January – February 2019

Dark Discoveries is an exhibition of paintings by Steve Marriott that incorporate scenes and images from some of the movies within the horror and science fiction genre that have had a personal and profound resonance in his consciousness. In most instances he appropriates periphery details and establishing shots, as well as the more melodramatic imagery, rendering them detached from their context, yet retaining the atmosphere and mood of the original source.

He uses these moments to express underlying themes and emotions that emerge from the visual language inherent within the genre, such as loneliness, alienation, sadness and sometimes even hope, filtered through the context of the sublime and the irreal.

The artist graduated from The University of East London with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art in 2016 and has since exhibited in London, Russia, USA, Greece and Berlin. His work has been sold in the UK and internationally.

Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from January 12th – February 9th 2019

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday January 10th 2019


Yulia Taylor presents ‘Memories and Colour’: November – December 2018

SE9 Container Gallery presents Yulia Taylor’s exhibition: ‘Memories and Colour’

A painting is more than an image on canvas, more than a record of the past or a depiction of a fantasy world. Paintings are formed from the artist’s emotions and memories, translated into an image through colour. Through the process of painting in colour, we can express those feelings onto the canvas for all to see.
In her debut exhibition ‘Memories and Colour’, Yulia explores what colour means to both artist and audience. Please join us to indulge in Yulia’s world of paint and question what each piece of work and each stoke of colour means to us.

Open Saturdays 11am-3pm from November 3rd – December 8th 2018

Private View 5-7.30pm on Thursday November 8th 2018


Yulia will also be running one-off Masterclasses each Saturday which have limited spaces, so please email and book in advance to avoid disappointment!


10th November: The Autumn Still Life with Pumpkin

17th November: The Autumn Park Landscape

24th November: The Moody Fish

1st December: Flowers in the Vase

Poster 1 - Main Single Sided



Eltham Arts presents ‘WALL’: September-October 2018

Our current exhibition at the SE9 Container Gallery explores the ambitious and unbounded theme ‘Wall’. Eltham Arts has created and accumulated the work over a period of 18 months, through workshops within the community.

The Wall Project is an opportunity for members of our Eltham community to think creatively and imaginatively. It is a theme which allows everyone, whatever their artistic ability, age or background to respond personally, through various art forms, to create unique and thoughtful pieces. The exhibition contains work from people of all ages, ranging from primary school children to pensioners. With interwoven themes of identity and sociality, the exhibition represents an expression of our community and what it means to be part of it.

Open Saturdays from 11am-3pm: 22nd September- 13th October




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