Artist’s Talk – Andy Jackson – InsrtSHUTTER (Datum and Insrts)

Saturday 12th November – 2pm – Free Entry

We are excited to announce that the SE9 Container Gallery will be hosting a talk by artist Andy Jackson. In conversation with fellow artist Danny Rolph, Jackson will be discussing his work as well as ideas and influences behind his current exhibition (InsrtSHUTTER).

Andy Jackson – InsrtSHUTTER

Saturday 5th November – Saturday 17th December 2016

This solo exhibition brings together a series of abstract paintings by artist Andy Jackson. ‘InsrtSHUTTER comprises a new series of paintings developed from observations of subtle interruptions within the urban environment. In a process-driven practice, Jackson manipulates his surfaces to ask how painting is constructed, creating an array of abstract marks that function as a trigger for experiences of images that may or may not be familiar.’ – Tim Davies

Morgan Tipping – No Fixed Abode

Saturday 17th September – Saturday 22nd October 2016

Featuring film, performance and photographic works Tipping explores the themes of housing, community and a sense of belonging. Inspired by working with residents in a care home, students and people within refugee camps the exhibition displays work made over the past two years as well as a collaboration with STM Year 11 students.

Nathan Eastwood – Laptop and Chips

Saturday 16th April – Saturday 28th May 2016

The paintings features in Laptop and Chips are mostly small scale works, made on a table in the artist’s kitchen. Eastwood works into the early hours of the morning whilst listening to music or with the TV on. The motifs are painted with an obsessive, brooding intensity with a melancholic atmosphere; he often paints solitarily. Emphasis has been placed on making art within the domestic space, allowing the integration of real life into his paintings.

Emlyn Stevens – Continuous Lines in the Sand

Saturday 27th February – Saturday 19th March 2016

The exhibition consists of a collection of large illustrated silk-screen prints based on collages made from found imagery of the middle east (both figurative and scenic). The conceptual basis of the exhibition is to demonstrate how found imagery has always been put through a number of “filters” or has a certain amount of vested interest attached to it.


SE9 Container Gallery – One Year On

Saturday 30th January – Saturday 13th February 2016

A group exhibition from the Year 11 students at St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, celebrating the first anniversary of the opening of The SE9 Container Gallery.

‘An Introduction to Mixed Media Mosaics’ – A workshop with Illustration and Mosaics Artist, Aliyah Gator

Saturday 14th November: 12pm-3pm

The Organic World: Mosaic Wall Panels inspired by the nature reserves and parks of South East London

Saturday 7th November – Saturday 19th December 2015

The Brentwood Stations of the Cross

Saturday 12th September – Saturday 24th October 2015

Fifteen Stations of the Cross by fifteen contemporary painters. First shown at Brentwood Cathedral, Ash Wednesday to Good Friday 2015.

Year 11 Summer Show

Saturday 1st June – Saturday 11th July 2015

Natalie Ryde – ‘The Way’

Saturday the 18th of April  – Saturday 23rd May 2015

Outlaws Book Now Available!

The book to accompany the Outlaws exhibition to now available.  It includes the biographies for each portrait and essays from Robert Priseman and Tessa Livingstone exploring what is it that makes people do evil deeds.

Click on the link below to purchase it from Amazon.]=UTF8&qid=1418987091&sr=1-1&keywords=robert+priseman+outlaws


We are not currently taking submissions for 2016. Please check back again at the end of May.


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